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Each section on this website has been categorised according to a topic area. I have never been compelled to stick to one particular style of illustration although most of the images on this website are similar. All my illustrations on this site have been produced in the traditional manner with paint, brush and paper or canvas. I have colour-coded the three different subject areas on the portfolio menu to assist in navigation. I have mainly used acrylic paint for the illustrations on this website. Some illustrations in the children's section have been produced in watercolours. In fact, I have also produced illustrations in other media and styles like scratchboard, pen and ink, oils, pastels, airbrush work and coloured pencil, to name a few. To see other styles of my work including cartoons and caricatures, you can see them at my other website
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Work Practice

Once a job has been agreed and I receive the brief, several rough images are sent to the client for approval. Once approved, the finished artwork is produced according to the agreed medium, specifications and time frame. Traditional artwork is delivered by courier, mail or as a high quality JPEG file via e-mail. Artwork can also be saved to CD as a high quality JPEG file and delivered by one of the above methods.
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The fee for a job is arrived at by negotiation with the client and will depend on the reproduction rights required. These include: Usage (advertising, brochure, magazine, internet, etc).
Area Covered (U.K. only, Europe, worldwide, etc).
Duration of Use (one month, two months, one year or more, etc).
Reproduction Size (as distinct from original artwork size).
Reproduction Quantity (the numbers reproduced).
Colour or Monochrome.
Exclusivity and any Special Terms.
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About This Site

I created this website by hand coding it in XHTML and using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to style it. Javascript was not used. A long process, but an ideal way of learning and understanding how to build a website. All the images were scanned on a standard A4 scanner or photographed digitally. Some of the traditional images were from original artwork while others were from the actual printed version. This was done when the actual artwork was too big to fit onto the A4 scanner. All the image files were compressed to facilitate a faster loading speed, some by as much as 60%. Inevitably this has led to a reduction in quality of the images. However I feel that the quicker loading of such an image-intensive site like mine outweights the slight loss in quality. In any case, when it comes to a traditionally created illustration, an image on the screen can never compare with the quality and texture of the original piece of work. If you have actually managed to get this far in reading this text, and you have any comments or suggestions about this site, then please feel free to drop me an e-mail.

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